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Library catalog Essay

Today, libraries are increased and activated by numerous advances and fast developments of science and innovation that are incredibly influencing the library tasks overall. The relentless disclosures of this new innovation, especially PCs, reclassified the job of libraries. A library is an assortment of data, sources, assets, books, and benefits, and the structure wherein it is housed. It is composed for use and kept up by an open body, an organization, or a private person. In an increasingly customary sense, a library is an assortment of books (â€Å"Library†, 2009). The library, more than any instrument of the general public, is available to open use and the information typified in books are the establishment of a general public to achieve or grow more the possibilities of man which consequently, will be an incredible factor in the advancement of a country. The library has the duty to update its status through open access to these advances, to build up a game plan so as to contribute and to turn into a viable accomplice particularly in guidance, exploration and augmentation projects of an instructive foundation (Enem, 2002). From the announcements above it is demonstrated that the library has a major job not exclusively to the understudies yet in addition to the general public and our nation. Through the assistance of present day innovation and data framework, the library dissemination framework can improve. Library flow or library loaning includes the exercises around the loaning of library books and other material to clients of a loaning library. A flow or loaning division is one of the key branches of a library (â€Å"LC†, 2009). Library course gives loaning administrations and offices to return of lent things. Reestablishment of materials and installment of fines are additionally taken care of at the dissemination work area. Flow staff may give fundamental inquiry and reference administrations, however more top to bottom inquiries are normally alluded to reference curators at the library reference work area. The dissemination work area is much of the time staffed by library helpers rather than proficient custodians. The elements of the flow work area staff may incorporate the loaning materials to library clients, checking in materials returned, observing materials for harm and directing them to the suitable staff for fix or substitution, investigating course innovation, for example library dissemination programming, scanners, printers, and so on , and gathering insights on library use, I. e. benefactor exchanges, material checkouts, and so forth. The two classifications of Information System (IS) are the manual or customary framework and programmed or otherwise called Computer-Based Information System (CBIS). Before the utilization of CBIS, all the information are handled physically in a customary framework, where all the data are composed and put away in various records. Once in a while, this procedure is called non-modernized framework. Non-automated isn't effective on the grounds that it devours a great deal of time to discover and refresh the data. To wipe out this issue, another framework was made which is known as electronic framework or CBIS. PC Based Information Systems (CBIS) is made out of equipment, programming, databases, media communications, individuals, and methodology that are designed to gather, control, store, and procedure information into data (Abraham, 2009). The library of University of the Philippines Diliman was set up in 1922 has wrestled with four essential concerns: the book support, staff improvement, library administrations and data innovation. What's more, in 1999 the college had opened an online free inventory and propelled the college library web. Another school that has a library framework running in electronic is the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in 1999. Every year, the school library gets new assets and updates gear for the utilization of understudies. As of august 2009, the library has an assortment of more than 122,000 book titles and in excess of 45,000 titles of electronic books. Utilizing CBIS these days as an apparatus for advancement elevates a company’s notoriety, yet in addition help fix things to the best. And furthermore by utilizing the intranet as a foundation of the framework can be an incredible assistance for improving the administrations of the library. An intranet is a private PC arrange that utilizes Internet advancements to safely share any piece of an organization’s data or operational frameworks with its workers. Once in a while the term alludes just to the organization’s interior site, yet frequently it is a progressively broad piece of the organization’s PC framework and private sites are a significant segment and point of convergence of inner correspondence and coordinated effort (King, 2002). Mr. A. T. Valdes, the custodian of NPCMSTI said that the library is an instrument that is utilized to give information and data required by the understudy in his examination by gathering books that are significant in their subjects as references. He included that from the books gathered and chose, they are kept up inâ order to be accessible to the understudies when the need it (individual correspondence, April 6, 2002). What's more, there are issues experienced in the manual or customary library arrangement of NPCMSTI based from the examination directed by the understudies of NPCMSTI. These incorporate more exertion and moderate stock of books, wasteful looking of books, wasteful age of reports, and wasteful observing of books. The library has in excess of 4000 number of books and checking every one of these books require a great deal of time and exertion (Carreon, Delmendo, Maala, Mendoza and Penequito, 2008). Considering the preferences brought by CBIS and the issues experienced in the current library arrangement of NPCMSTI, the scientist chose to propose an automated library framework for NPCMSTI. Organization Background The vision of the NPCMSTI library is to be a useful media place for worthy assets particularly in Nautical Science or Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering, Computer Science, Criminology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Technical Vocational courses towards a fantastic preparing improvement of experts, tenacious sailors and gifted laborers in the network. Its crucial to look for attempt to offer quality assistance and to help the school’s instructive projects, arranging, examination and expansion administrations and instructional needs of the scholarly through specifying bits of data completely in any structure, in any piece of the nation, and of the entire world. Quality Objectives. The school library has the accompanying goals: (1) to reinforce and overhaul the library assets; (2) to redesign library offices and equipment;(3) to prepare staff to upgrade their specialized abilities and seriousness; and (4) to connection and system with nearby, national and worldwide foundations. The library has a sum of 11,832 book assortments from the Degree courses to Non-Degree courses. The essential capacity of a library framework are to encourage the credit of books to borrowers, record receipt of returned books, and monitor the status of books that ought to be returned. Reference Services. The commitment of the library is to render full help to perusers in utilizing the library and its substance. The administrator handles library assets, for example, word references, reference books, chronicles, histories, map books, and gazetteers. Direction. The librarian’s one of a kind obligation is to use completely his assets in making as about sure as conceivable that the best materials for the specific reason discover their way to the perusers. Likewise, the bookkeeper fills in as the middle person among man and the realistic records that he and his past ages have delivered and that the objective of the library is to expand the social utility of realistic records to help the general public. Library Hours. The library is unguarded with its constant hour administration, from Monday to Friday which begins from 7:30 in the first part of the day until 5:00 toward the evening. Duties of the Library Staff. The Northern Philippines College for Maritime, Science and Technology Library is kept an eye on by a Librarian, Assistant Librarian, and Library partners. The Librarian will regulate the library, direct the exercises of the staff, keep money related records of the library, track the substitution of books, accountable for gathering and checking late expenses, select and buy books, library materials and supplies, invigorate development of library administrations, go to library gatherings or courses, embrace ordering, grouping and listing books and non-book materials and keep up relations to distributers and merchants. The Assistant Librarian will assume responsibility without the custodian, help the administrator in ordering, arranging and indexing of books and answerable for materials like clippings, periodicals and different archives, assume responsibility in cutting and restricting press and audits, attempt the preparing of books and non-book materials from putting increase number and stepping possession imprint to racking. The Library Assistant will issue and recover books at the dissemination segment, do the racking and rack perusing of books recovered, Paste torn pages of books and periodicals, embrace recording of clippings in the vertical document, type book cards, glue pockets and date due slips in books, spread books with plastic spread, stamp on books and periodicals, and document cards in the card index. Recording and Classification. In the indexing and grouping of the book assortments, the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules is received and the technique used to depict a thing that the library procured. Likewise, the Dewey Decimal Classification System, the Sears List of Subject Heading and the Cutter Number of Tables are utilized in the NPCMSTI library. Borrowers. The understudy enrolled in the school, employees, staff, directors, graduated class of the school, and researchers or analysts from different establishments or

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Techniques of Comedy Free Essays

Alex Moreno Theater 208 Comedy: Techniques behind the Laughter Comedy is the class of film that makes even the saddest occasions tolerable and increased a great deal of ubiquity in when individuals required a lift. Parody is a one of a kind type of film in its wide scope of techniques, and in these strategies there is probably a portion of a select gathering of approaches. The genuine enchantment that satire has emerges from these chosen few strategies, that, when utilized appropriately, will never neglect to produce a giggle. We will compose a custom exposition test on Procedures of Comedy or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now Satire arrives in a wide scope of structures, all of which get a giggle various ways. There are be that as it may, a couple of explicit classifications of parody which become works of art. The best of these incorporate; screwball, running stiflers, mind, set-up and climax, and droll. While these are independent classes of satire, they are frequently utilized together or in different kinds, to effectively create a chuckle. The inquiry is, the thing that makes them work again and again, and the appropriate response lies in like manner variables of every method. A significant factor in parody is the content and utilization of exchange. While exchange isn't similarly significant in a wide range of parody, it is as yet a viable device in delivering an extraordinary satire. The exchange must tie in quick pacing, mind, and satire so as to keep a group of people engaged, all while following the content so as to attract the crowd to the film, and keep them snared. Incredible comedies consistently have remarkable exchange that can make even the most conventional scene, totally silly. At the point when discourse is utilized appropriately, it very well may be satire in itself, or add to another joke. A case of this is the point at which a fundamental character offers an entertaining remark about the foe or another character. The activities of the other character may not be entertaining alone, yet include some critique and it turns out to be amazingly clever. In general, discourse isn't the principle drive behind all comedic structures, as observed in quiet movies, however it is as yet essential to present day parody in its capacity to make common things clever. The following significant factor of an effective satire is the pacing. Quick pacing is the main effective method of making a parody; the crowd should consistently have something to produce a snicker. Crowds are flighty, and making them trust that something will happen will just purpose them to lose intrigue. The pace must be sufficiently quick to keep individuals intrigued, yet it should likewise be at a pace where the crowd can stay aware of the activity. A satire won't be entertaining if the following joke begins before the crowd even giggles at the last one. An extraordinary parody must discover the perfect equalization that won't lose the crowd to weariness, or in a surge. Give the crowd sufficient opportunity to snicker, however don’t let them quit chuckling. Another basic factor in producing an effective satire is in the utilization of montage. Cutting shots between various edges assists with keeping the crowd intrigued by including new point of view, the film should consistently be moving, thus should the camera. This is utilized notwithstanding close-ups and foundation shots during significant arrangements. An extremely viable technique for doing this is exchanging shots between characters during significant comedic groupings. A case of this would be a principle character intended to be entertaining conversing with one of the stale characters, against lighthearted element, and demonstrating their absence of response to something clever done by the primary character. Another technique is changing the camera points while a character experiences issues playing out an errand. A character battling to help a case through an entryway is amusing, however gets old except if you continually montage so as to keep the scene crisp, adding to the pace. Montage is a significant factor in effective parody in light of the fact that a joke needs to remain new so as to be entertaining, as does a satire. The throwing in a film is absolutely critical, as not all individuals are interesting in similar circumstances. Entertainers all have certain comedic jobs, which they best fit into. A genuine looking on-screen character with a harsh voice would not make a decent blockhead character. In the event that that equivalent entertainer is set into the job of a hoodlum with the mentality of a youngster, he turns into an extraordinary comic figure. Throwing is absolutely critical as on-screen characters must accommodate their jobs, while they have more range in parody, they despite everything must be conceivable somewhat. This can be seen by the incredible number of comedies where individuals exit saying; it would have been entertaining or more amusing with another person. Throwing must be done cautiously all together likewise protect that the characters play well against one another. While a developed man acting like a kid is amusing now and again, it turns out to be very compelling when there is another character inciting them to act that way. At long last, throwing decides how the crowd will respond to the story, and whether jokes will be clever when originating from the chose cast. At long last these things attach in to make a comedic film amusing. On the off chance that the methods are utilized appropriately you will make a high vitality satire that will keep the crowd engaged. Genuine works of art have everything that a parody could require, incredible discourse, quick pacing, montage, and extraordinary throwing. At the point when these procedures are utilized together appropriately, a parody can't come up short. The essential objective of a parody is to remain new, and by using these methods, even the most played out situation can get clever once more. Satire has made us giggle for almost a century, and it will keep on inasmuch as it is kept new, new, and energizing. The most effective method to refer to Techniques of Comedy, Essay models

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Spring 2018 Transfer Update - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

Spring 2018 Transfer Update - UGA Undergraduate Admissions Spring 2018 Transfer Update Today, our office started reviewing Spring 2018 transfer applications. This is earlier than I expected, but we are way ahead of the timelines we have predicted for Summer/Fall transfers updates and final HS transcript reviews for freshmen. The 8/15 application deadline for spring has not passed and we are still receiving applications and documents, so we cannot say how long it will take us to finish or guess when you will hear a decision. If you applied for the spring term, please be sure to check your Status page to see if we have your most up-to-date transcript(s). If you were enrolled in coursework this summer and have not sent a transcript with your summer grades, you should have one sent as soon as possible. To be complete and ready to review, we must have a transcript from each college/university you havepreviouslyattended. If you are attending a new college starting in the Fall 2017 semester, we do not need a transcript, as there will not be any grades on the transcript. If yo u are admitted, we will need a transcript when fall term is done, though, as we will need to post these grades. Just like Summer and Fall transfer decisions, we will release our decisions every Friday in the late afternoon, and emails will go out to students roughly 15 minutes after a decision is released indicating a change to a students status (no decision information is in the email, as it directs applicants to the status page for a decision). As such, there is no need to constantly check your status page or contact us by email or phone, as we only release decisions by the status page and by mail. Generally, our office reviews transfer files chronologically based on when the file is complete (all materials are in), but this is not set in stone, as some file reviews might be delayed due to the complexity of the transcripts or due to our office not having past data on transferable work from certain colleges. We will be reviewing Spring Freshmen applicants sometime in mid-late September after the deadline has passed and all files are ready for review. Go Dawgs!

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Macroeconomic terms - 4408 Words

Macroeconomic Terms Describe the following terms in your words. Term Definition Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The value of all of the goods and services of a nation in a year. Real GDP The value of all of the goods and services based on inflation of a nation in a year. Nominal GDP Market value of all goods and services of a nation in a year, not based on inflation. Unemployment rate The number of all of the unemployed by the number of people in the workforce. Inflation rate The rate that the prices of goods and services are rising. Fiscal Policy The governmental policies which adjust spending. Monetary Policy The governmental policies that help to control the economy. This is done by adjusting the†¦show more content†¦Ã®  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ The aggregate demand curve slopes downward because of the Real-balance, interest rate and open economy effects î  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ According to the real-balance effect, an increase in the price level Reduces an individual s expenditures due to a decrease in the real value of cash balances î  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ According to the interest rate effect, an increase in the price level Increases î â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ The relationship between the MPC and the MPS indicates that the entire increase in household disposable income is distributed between consumption and saving. î  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ Planned real investment is determined by the rate of interest î  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ What won t cause the planned investment function to shift rightward? A decrease in the interest rate î  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ An increase in the interest rate causes a decrease in the amount of real planned investment î  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ In the Keynesian model equilibrium national income equals planned consumption, investment, government, and net export expenditures î  Ã® â€šÃ®â‚¬â€™ If real GDP falls below total planned expenditures the economy willShow MoreRelatedMacroeconomics Term Paper : Keynesian Economics999 Words   |  4 PagesMacroeconomics Term Paper: Keynesian Economics John Maynard Keynes: A famous economist John Maynard Keynes once said â€Å"by a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizen† (Brainy, n.d., p.1). Keynes had studied in an economics and finance program, and he searched for a solution as he felt that a depression in our economy may be rising. The solution that Keynes discovered was completely different than any otherRead MoreFerguson Enterprise: Macroeconomics Term Paper1379 Words   |  5 PagesFerguson Enterprise. Macroeconomics Term Paper. History: Charles Ferguson, Ralph Lenz, and Johnny Smither founded Ferguson Enterprise Inc., in 1953. The company started with $165,000 in capital, with only two locations, Colmar Manor, Md., and Birmingham, Alabama. During the next five decades, Ferguson saw big growth in revenue and continue to grow rapidly, doubling its size every five years. In 1982, Wolseley plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange located in the United Kingdom, boughtRead MoreMacroeconomic Affect On Uk From Long Term And Short Term Sides1590 Words   |  7 Pagesfollowing consistently. Obviously, British economy will be changed; whether it is long-term or short-term, and there must also exit some advantages and drawbacks back this time of leave European. This essay will analyse macroeconomic affect on the UK from long-term and short-term two sides, that organized by different varieties of situations and elements, including: Britain GDP, short –term economic growth, long-term economic growth, the influenc e of Britain trade deals (import and export), currencyRead MorePolicy Review And The Lucas Criticisms Essay919 Words   |  4 Pagesshort term. In the long term, it merely impacts the changes of general price levels, instead of on the changes of total economy. Therefore, in the issues of controlling inflation, monetary economy cycle theory believes that the governments do not need to have to spend too many costs in the relative output and employment to control the inflation, only if the public trust that the monetary authorities will implement their monetary tightening policies. In addition, new classical macroeconomics furtherRead MoreNew Classical Macroeconomics And Macroeconomics Essay1555 Words   |  7 Pagesclassical Macroeconomics is an important school of macroeconomics development since 1970s. New Classical Macroeconomics is originally evolved from the school of Rational Expectations and monetarism. New classical Macroeconomics is also referred to the Macroeconomics of th e rational expectations, or equilibrium method for Macroeconomics. New classical Macroeconomics abides by traditions of the classical economics and believes in the effectiveness of market forces. New classical Macroeconomics tries toRead MoreFinance Is Based On Economics841 Words   |  4 Pagesneeds by humans. Macroeconomics started with John Maynard Keynes, an English economist, who published a book entitled General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in 1936. Keynes offered a clarification for the fallout from the Great Depression, when goods remained unsold and workers unemployed, a feat that left classical economists stumped. Keynes theory explained why markets may not clear. This theory evolved throughout the 20th century, diverting into several macroeconomic schools of thoughtRead MoreU.S. Federal Government and Economic Issues Essay1231 Words   |  5 PagesThis paper relates to what I have learned in the Macroeconomics class. For this final term paper; I will write about the U.S. federal government operations and how government leaders handle macroeconomic issues in our economy. We will discuss a couple of current economic issues and what the federal government is doing to reach solutions. I will also address U.S. unemployment issues, international trade, fiscal and monetary policies, and methods of alternative energy, along with the Federal Reserve’sRead MoreMacroecnomics1187 Words   |  5 PagesFlows Money Sector Flows Sales Revenue Goods Suppliers (Producers) q = f (L, K, M, T, E) Transformation Expenditure Product/Service Consumption Budget Goods Demanders (Consumers) U = f (q1, q2, †¦) Transformation Goods Markets Macroeconomics U1: Blanchard Chs. 1~2, 27 1. Overview of the Modern Macroeconomy 1.1 Essential Structure (2) Atemporal Transaction in Goods or Factor Markets Supplier/Seller ïÆ'› Receive Goods or Factors Money Payments Demander/Buyer ïÆ'› Pay IntertemporalRead MoreMacroeconomic Variables Of The Stock Market974 Words   |  4 PagesExecutive Summary The belief of macroeconomic variables influencing the stock market has been a highly debated discussion for the past decades. There has been no clear conclusion whether or not macroeconomic variables impact the stock market or inversely. The importance of this study have been increasingly critical as not only stock agents find the critical importance but the government to implement macroeconomic policy; the solid finding of this relation will enable policy makers to efficientlyRead MoreMacroeconomics And Macroeconomics Of Macroeconomics1445 Words   |  6 PagesMacroeconomics (from the Greek prefix makro- meaning large and economics) is a branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole, rather than individual markets. This includes national, regional, and global economies.[1][2] With microeconomics, macroeconomics is one of the two most general fields ineconomics. Macroeconomists study aggregated indicators such as GDP, unemployment rates, National income, price indices, and the interrelations

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Benefits of a Household Food Budget - 685 Words

The development process of this household food budget has successfully proven its importance in the household financial management as well as ensuring the meals meet the family nutritional needs with low cost expenditure. Additionally, managing the food budget may also help the family as a unit share quality time together as they tend to eat together more often for dinner. A family can save hundreds of ringgits a year on their grocery bill if they are able to plan and implement an efficient yet functional household food budget plan. Planning in advance have many benefits such as allows the use of food coupons buying food items when they are on sale as well as planning how to utilize left over by creating a variety of different dishes with leftover while keeping the family appetite interest in hand. Budgeting for each and every food items and leaves some columns for comparing brand, type as well as prices in order to be able to get the best deal from the market place. By this way, unnecessary spending on unhealthy food such as junk foods and beverages which are not necessary can be avoided. The reference family definition based on the dietary intake survey consisted of four (4) members with the parents and a pair of son and daughter. In the mean time, as mentioned in the manual, the data from Census 2010 (Malaysia Department of Statistics, 2011) are applied as additional information for this reference family. Moreover, the six food groups that are required as stated byShow MoreRelatedThe Food, Conservation, And Energy Act Essay1369 Words   |  6 PagesThe Food, Conservation, and Energy Act The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act was passed on May 14, 2008 after a historical veto by the President led to an override by Congress to enact the new farm bill into law. The new bill contained numerous provisions in order to truly reform efforts to establish farm and food safety throughout the United States. This paper will focus on the provision that led to the renaming of the Food Stamp Act and Program as well as the act’s plans to allocate more thanRead MoreThe Importance Of A Family Of Four Household Budgets On A Two Person New Mexico Minimum Wage1446 Words   |  6 Pageswriting about is how to manage a family of four household budgets on a two-person New Mexico minimum wage income of $7.50 per hour. My paper has many purposes as to why I have written it, which will be listed and further explained throughout its entirety. The first purpose is to demonstrate the ways individuals have to seek out in both creating and maintaining a family budget. Secondly, is to show the difficulties that arise in keeping family household budgets and the temporary or permanent ways familiesRead MoreFood Stamp Challenge For Hunger1719 Words   |  7 PagesFood Stamp Challenge Introduction to Hunger Imagine your stomach growling, a feeling of emptiness, fatigue, and an inability to concentrate. Most people would associate these feelings with hunger and eat. Unfortunately, many Americans do not have the luxury of eating because of living in poverty. According to the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of people living in poverty rose from 31.6 million in 2000 to 36.5 million in 2006. The number of people living in householdsRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses of Using Food Subsidies in Improving the Welfare of the Poor in Middle Eastern Economies1535 Words   |  6 Pagesproblem facing policy makers is the choice of options means of improving the short run welfare of poor households in the population. Among these, policy alternative is a choice between food subsidies and agricultural production subsidies. Food subsidies involving either the sale of stable food items at subsidized prices, or income transfers, expected to improve the welfare of recipie nt households in the short run directly. On the other hand, agricultural production subsidies and other agriculturalRead MoreThe Economic Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage1474 Words   |  6 Pagessmall businesses. â€Å"The Household Survival Budget for the average New Jersey family of four is $58,500 and for a single adult is $25,368 in 2010. These numbers highlight how inadequate the U.S. poverty designation - $22,113 for a family and $11,344 for a single adult - is as a measure of economic viability. A Sustainable Household Budget, one that enables self-sufficiency in New Jersey, is almost double the cost of the Household Survival Budget.† (Alice 9) This survival budget includes rented efficiencyRead MoreThe Welfare Program Must Be Expanded Without Misappropriation Of Funds1417 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States does not spend too much on the food stamp (SNAP program) and no one deserves to go hungry. Every year during budget talks the welfare program is a featured topic as the government explores ways to cut the budget. There appears to be a lot of unnecessary spending due to abuse of the system and program administration complexity. There are many areas in which reforms could be instituted and the program could be expanded without misappropriation of funds. There should be greater oversightRead MoreAnswers to Concept Checks.1687 Words   |  7 Pagesmajor money management activities? The three major money management activities are (1) storing and maintaining financial records and documents, (2) creating personal financial statements, and (3) creating and implementing a budget. (p. 36) 2. What are the benefits of an organized system of financial records and documents? An organized system of financial records provides a basis for: (1) handling daily business activities, such as bill paying; (2) planning and measuring financial progress;Read MoreAmerica Needs Welfare Reform Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesThere was once a myth of a woman called â€Å"The Welfare Queen†. She was a woman, generally African American, with several children to collect benefits from, she would sit on the couch or drive around in a fancy car and it was all paid for through the government (Stein). She never worked a day in her life because it was just easier to get pregnant and receive TANF benefits. This has slowly changed over the years, now it is not just African American women, 38.8% of recipients on welfare are white but 39.8%Read More10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries Essay635 Words   |  3 Pageshard to keep food on the table. The price of the regular household bills, gas, and necessities are increasing. The price of food is getting higher as well. The f ollowing are some tips to help people, who are having a hard time, spend less money on their grocery bills. Set a budget Set up a household food budget and don’t go over that set amount of money. You probably have an idea what the cost of most of the food you buy usually is. Keep the prices in mind when you make the budget. Make a listRead MorePoverty And Health : Low Income Limits Choices Essay1732 Words   |  7 Pageshealth: Low income limits choices to cheap and unhealthy foods Poverty tends to impact society on several different levels, whether it may be through the impact of the economy, social effects, education, health, but most importantly malnutrition; which is said to be the most common effect of poverty. Poverty affects millions of Americans by limiting their choices to cheap and unhealthy foods. It also limits the physical access to healthy food choices as it relates to diet costs and reliable access

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Intelligence Failures 9/11 and Pearl Harbor Essay

Throughout history there are multiple intelligence failures such as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. These failures are due to intelligence collected which was either delayed or misdirected to the rest of the intelligence community. Both events had catastrophic consequences and yet these tragic events has allowed the intelligence community to develop better security like warning signals and combat readiness to protect the United States. Pearl Harbor is still considered one of the worst intelligence failure in the history of the United States to date. During the upcoming months before the attack the U.S Naval Fleet intercepted and deciphered vast amounts of encrypted messages from Japan’s Imperial Navy. Due to manpower and at the time Japan†¦show more content†¦In the beginning of the Cold War the â€Å"United States had very little SIGNIT intelligence, HUMINT or IMINT intelligence either. This was due to since overflights of Soviet territory were impossible† (Schind ler). Because of this, this caused great delays in trying to infiltrate the Soviet Union and gather intelligence. HUMINT collection at that time was difficult because there was not much known about the Soviet Union and infiltrating Russia was difficult because the lack of intelligence this made is hard when it came o gathering HUMINT intelligence. Another issue the intelligence community ran into was HUMINT collectors were not equipped to understand other languages. This made it hard to recruit sources within the Soviet Union. As the Cold War raged on, the intelligence community along with working in tandem with the U.S government started to develop better technology and have a better understanding of how the Soviet Union works. The United States Airforce started flying dangerous reconnaissance missions through the use of ELINT collection. Unfortunately, many pilots lost their lives due to the Soviet Union shooting down their aircrafts. Later, the United States military revert ed back to SIGNIT intelligence in hopes of having more success. SIGNIT tends to be flexible, and is more responsive for the needs to infiltrate the Soviet Union at that time than any other form of intelligence collection (Aid and Wiebes). Using SIGNIT intelligence and the use ofShow MoreRelatedThe Attack On Pearl Harbor2762 Words   |  12 Pages There are two important dates that reside in the American history in the last century: the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 (as referred to as September 11th, or 9/11). On these two dates, the surprised events attacked on American civilians and military personnel. Both horrific events have many similarities and many differences in regards to who carried out the attacks, what the objectives were for the attacks and theRead MoreThe Attack On Pearl Harbor1856 Words   |  8 PagesJapanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and September 11, 2001. On these dates, two surprise attacks on American civilians and military personnel showcased U.S. vulnerability to outside forces and united a nation against those that wished to harm her. Both horrific events have many similarities and many differences in regards to who carried out the attacks, what the objectives were for the attacks, and the American response after these i nfamous dates occurred. Unlike September 11, 2011, where a terroristRead MoreToo Great a Challenge: The Mismatch of U.S. Intelligence Capabilities and Mission Prior to Pearl Harbor 2116 Words   |  9 PagesThe U.S. was under-prepared for the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor due to the nascent intelligence communitys inability to determine the time and place of the attack. The question of preventing the attack is beyond the scope of an intelligence agency, such an action is the product of policy. That being said, the intelligence community provided the President with insufficient information to mitigate U.S. losses on the eve of the U.S. entry into World War II. This result was not wholly the responsibilityRead MoreThe Security And Foreign Policy1302 Words   |  6 Pagesenforcement and intelligence is the principal method of accomplishing this (Hughbank Githens, 2010). Intelligence is vital to homeland defense and security. The U.S. intelligence community (IC) has the responsi bility of conducting intelligence activities that are necessary for conducting foreign relations and for the national security of the United States (â€Å"Intelligence Community†, n.d.). The following is a brief report about the U.S. intelligence community and the history of U.S. intelligence and informationRead MoreNational Security And Homeland Security1788 Words   |  8 PagesIntelligence deals with the process in which specific types of information has been collected, analyzed, refined and provided to the policy makers, so that it will be useful to them in decisions making about potential threats to national security and homeland security (Lowenthal, 2014, p. 10). U.S Government has been benefiting from Intelligence information since the beginning of the country, despite the fact that many people thought that U.S intelligence emanated as a result of cold war (FederationRead MoreEssay on We Must Not Treat Muslims as We Treated the Japanese951 Words   |  4 PagesJapa nese nbsp; The terrorist attacks on 9-11 have frequently been analogized to Pearl Harbor. In many ways, the analogy is apt. Just as that attack launched us into World War II, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have launched us into a new kind of war, against terrorism. But waging this sort of borderless war poses great risks, not only to the soldiers commanded to fight but also to core American values. In this way, Pearl Harbor raises other disturbing memories, those ofRead MoreThe Attack on Pearl Harbor Essay1680 Words   |  7 Pages 2,403 soldiers were killed in action, 1,178 were wounded in action. Through the misjudgments of numerous U.S. armed forces personnel, the Japanese were able to carry out this terrible attack, which crippled the United States’ Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. â€Å"Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan†¦As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, I have directedRead MorePearl Harbor : Could It Have Been Prevented?1997 Words   |  8 PagesPearl Harbor: Could it Have Been Prevented? Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan (((Frost))). This famous quote is recognized by many across the world. Franklin Delano Roosevelt made that quotation after the Japanese attacked the U.S. airbase in Hawaii. Many people have believed, however, that this attack could have been prevented. The attack on PearlRead MoreIntelligence Failures and Political Realism548 Words   |  2 PagesIntelligence Failures and Political Realism Intelligence Failures: Following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93 on September 11th, 2001, U.S. security and intelligence leaders scrambled for an explanation. While a great many questions over what transpired on 9/11 remain unanswered even to this day, one certainty is that American intelligence experienced its most glaring historical failure since the attack on Pearl Harbor. How these intelligence failuresRead MoreThe Intelligence Failure Of Pearl Harbor3558 Words   |  15 PagesIntelligence failure is not a phenomenon which is new. Over the last hundred years there have been repeated cases of Intelligence failure. When the Intelligence community failed, it often led to significant repercussions for the political side. Sometimes the failure led to massive loss of life like in the example of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the attacks on the twin towers on September 11, 2001. Most of these cases have been well analyzed and have led the policy makers to adopt reforms to prevent future

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Impact of Social Media on Consumer Decisions

Question: Discuss about theImpact of Social Media on Consumer Decisions. Answer: Introduction: The web 2.0 emergence happened to be a significant development towards history of commerce. The social media being the other buzzword that on web 2.0 based is a revolution that not only helps encourage contents those are user generated but also focuses that allows users to exhibit contents and share between networks (de Kervenoael, Aykac, Palmer, 2009). This technical revolution especially presently in last decade drastically has revolutionized the tradition approaches of marketing with the help of social media marketing. This new era of marketing revolutionized the marketers relationship with their distribution channels, retailers and consumers. Being information age the consumers with overwhelming information quantities are overburdened every day (Evans Cothrel, 2014). Thus looking at numerous campaigns related social media, e-commerce websites, forums, sales emails etc. suggest all companies moving towards internet marketing approaches for target audience accessibility and required money in doing so. The approach related traditional advertising of mass communication media like television, magazines and newspaper aims towards conveying to broader audience group messages with the hope in reaching interested few. With much of the stimuli bombardments, the individuals have become more cautious and adjusted to information seeking (Clarke, 2014). Therefore, it is necessary for Wesfarmers to understand reasons regarding particular concern of consumers and seek ways towards speaking individually, or in small groups to customers. Social media marketing is another alternative for interfacing with the consumers to understand their perspective. Therefore, social media focuses on the consumers with market and business perspective that helps marketers with new tools for interacting with the consumers and integrate these onto the brands through process of innovation. Hence, the research aims towards evaluating the impact of the social media on the consumer decisions that requires Wesfarmers a large and successful retail company in Australia with own retail chains has to understand the impact of social media that influences the consumer behaviour related to buying (Wesfarmersonline, 2016). Literature Review and Theoretical Background According to the Janowski and Mohanty (2010), advancement of the internet and Web 2.0 emergence the interconnectivity on the internet has expanded between the individuals. This has helped immensely to enable the development to collaborate on internet among the businesses and the customers. This having emerged based on the social media, that has enabled the consumers with generating content and conduct the online social interactions through the social platforms. There exist various social media tools and platforms, which have facilitated the sharing of information. These tools for instance such as the Wikipedia, an encyclopaedia free online, is one such most popular platform that provides the users with the facility to collaborate through information sharing. The other platforms provide ability related to generating ratings and reviews like the that enables the customer with facility to review the products and rate them. Further, these platform members are interdependent co operatively (Hudson Thal, 2013). The consumers using the social media can create the content and offer to the others valuable advice. The online communities with these new developments and the individuals emerge using this electronic network on the social platforms where these members share quickly and globally the information. The social networks rise has provided with new era related to the creation of content that has given the individuals to share easily the information and the experiences with other social network users (Forbes Forbes, 2013). The online businesses related to next generation shall be according to communities that is better tool for attraction of new customers. Heinonen, (2011) stated that, online communities provide opportunity to companies with good system related to managing customer relationship with new developments to improve business performance. Further, assuming these platforms through social interaction the members become familiar to each other providing trust source possible that greatly influence users buying intention. Simultaneously, it is vital to have business model that adapts to social commerce for companies. Thus, social media provides businesses opportunities to become universally more attractive through the social interactions of the consumers that affect their deci sions. The Hypothesis and Research Questions Hypothesis Null Hypothesis (H0): Social media influences the consumer decision Alternative Hypothesis (H1): Social media do not influence consumer decision Research Questions What factors influence consumer decision process in products and services? How social media influence consumer decision process in Wesfarmer? How influence the consumer decision process related to products/services through social media in Wesfarmer? The Operation and Measurement Definition The study is been based on variables and link impact investigation (Cabosky, 2016). The variables that study uses both dependent and independent variable with social media as dependent variable, which is important part, and consumer decision process as independent variable The Research Design and Methodology: Analysis and Data collection Sampling Techniques This study focuses on primary and secondary data collection. The primary data through both quantitative and qualitative collected. The quantitative data collected from customers through survey method and qualitative data through interview process collected from Wesfarmers managers (Shelton, 2013). Additionally the secondary data collected both from online and offline sources such as journals, websites, newspapers, business magazines and library sources. Through the probabilistic sampling process, the customers surveyed are selected by giving them to participate equal opportunity in survey process. Alternately, through non-probabilistic sampling technique the managers being interviewed are chosen. This is conducted based on the participation process and busy schedule. Customers: Hundred Managers: Three Method of Analysis The quantitative data represented via tools, statistical techniques like graphs, tables, pie chart, and SPSS software while qualitative data is reflected through analysis and presentation (Page Pitt, 2011). Research Process Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Main Activities/ Stages Selection of research area Developing aim, objectives, research questions and research proposal hypotheses Preparation Conduct literature review Identification and selection of data collection methods interview/survey, ethics form preparation Collecting primary data Analyzing data Comparing findings Conclusion recommendations à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚   collecting feedback from mentor à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚   à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚   à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚   à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚   à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚   Finalization and submission Result Expected This study provides that social media impacts consumer decisions regarding Wesfarmers products/services. Conclusion The research helps to conclude the fact that in making purchase decisions are impacted with information that social media provides that helps in decision making regarding products/services. The process is linked with aims and objective towards effectively achieving it. References Cabosky, J. (2016). Social media opinion sharing: beyond volume.Journal Of Consumer Marketing,33(3), 172-181. Clarke, R. (2014). The Prospects for Consumer-Oriented Social Media.Organizacija,47(4). de Kervenoael, R., Aykac, D., Palmer, M. (2009). Online social capital: Understanding e-impulse buying in practice.Journal Of Retailing And Consumer Services,16(4), 320-328. Evans, D. Cothrel, J. (2014).Social customer experience. Indianapolis, Ind.: Sybex/John Wiley Sons. Forbes, L. Forbes, L. (2013). Does Social Media Influence Consumer Buying Behavior? An Investigation Of Recommendations And Purchases.Journal Of Business Economics Research (JBER),11(2), 107. Heinonen, K. (2011). Consumer activity in social media: Managerial approaches to consumers' social media behavior.Journal Of Consumer Behaviour,10(6), 356-364. Hudson, S. Thal, K. (2013). The Impact of Social Media on the Consumer Decision Process: Implications for Tourism Marketing.Journal of Travel Tourism Marketing,30(1-2), 156-160. Page, K. Pitt, L. (2011). Web 2.0, Social Media, and Creative Consumers: Special Issue.Journal of Consumer Behaviour,10(6), i-iii. Shelton, T. (2013).Business models for the social mobile cloud. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley Sons. Wesfarmersonline. (2016) Retrieved 25 August 2016, from Janowski, T. and Mohanty, H. (2010). Distributed computing and internet technology. Berlin: Springer.